For natural landscapes and encounters with wildlife, the beautiful state of Alaska may be at the top of your list.  Whether by land, sea, or both, Alaska offers history, adventures, and unforgettable scenery.



An Alaska Cruise not only gives you the opportunity to see wilderness, mountains, wildlife and glaciers, but it also gives you a chance to enjoy attractions and museums that pertain to the Alaska's unique history.  When you're not in port, relax in your comfortable stateroom, enjoy panoramic views from the ship, enjoy top-notch entertainment and eat gourmet meals in the restaurants onboard.  



A cruisetour combines a cruise vacation with a land vacation.  The additional days (often 3 to 7) give you an opportunity to experience both the coastal and interior areas of Alaska.  You will experience the must-see sights by ship, train and/or motor coach while the planning and lodging are taken care of.  Participate in adventurous and culturally rich excursions on land to explore the heart of the frontier to the coastline.

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land tour


Choose the pieces of Alaska that you want to visit and fit them together for your ideal vacation.  Escorted tours may include transportation, hotels and some meals plus the services of a full-time escort to maximize your experience.  Or you can customize your own sightseeing and transportation options for Alaska with an independent tour that meets your specific needs and interests.  

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